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Weston Point

Weston Point Docks is an intriguing place. After passing Marsh Lock you head down the cutting with the Ship Canal directly on your left and enormous chemical works on your right. You soon arrive at Weston Point, the derelict Runcorn Locks are on your right and low level swing bridge ends the navigation at the entrance to the dock.

The Docks were once a big transhipment wharf bringing estuary vessels in off the Mersey and Ship Canal and transphip into narrowboats and barges for onwards travel up the Weaver and onto the canal system. Today, the site is leased by CRT to Eddie Stobart and is mostly abandoned.

Christ Church stands within the dock, and situated on the edge of the Ship Canal. It was built by the Navigation Commissioners and was known as the island church. This likewise is abandoned. This site has a real desolate feeling but such a special place.

Although there is no official CRT mooring here, there is space to tie up at the very end, in front of the swing bridge.